Why Kalon

As a consumer of skincare products, one has a lot of choices available online as well as offline. There are various brands selling all types of products at various prices, many of which do solve the specific skin care problem they are intended to. Many of these brands tag their products with misleading labels such as 'Natural', 'Herbal', 'Ayurvedic' and even 'Organic'. However, most of them do not back their claims with any third party certifications. Many, in fact, fill their products with really harsh chemicals under the disguise of 'Natural'/'Herbal'/'Ayurvedic' labels and sell the same to unknowing customers. Often, they do not include these harsh chemical ingredients in their labels and only cite few 'Key Ingredients' to mislead buyers into believing their products are 'Natural'/'Ayurvedic'/'Organic'/'Herbal'. At Kalon, we chose to be different. Here are 8 ways in which we set ourselves apart from other brands:  

Use natural ingredients

At Kalon, we ensure all our products are made from natural or naturally derived ingredients. We use essential oils, purified water, coconut based cleansers and other naturally obtained substances to formulate our products.

Avoid harsh toxins & chemicals

We ensure that we avoid including toxic and harsh chemicals such as all types of sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, colors and other toxins while creating our products.

Be completely transparent

Whatever we include in our product, we mention in our labels. We also include all our ingredients in our product pages on our site. We believe that being transparent is a responsibility all skincare and beauty brands should fulfill.

Focus on Exceptional Quality

Our customers want to be exceptional people and we focus on doing whatever it takes to make that happen with our products. We obsess over our product quality and often spend days figuring out how to perfect even minor details.

Certified Claims

Many brands label their products as 'Natural'/'Ayurvedic'/'Herbal'/'Organic' but never back up their claims. We back up all our natural & toxin-free claims with Certifications from independent and reputed third-party organisations.  

Use eco-friendly packaging

Our bottles are made of recyclable plastic or glass. We use recyclable paper for our labels and packaging. We try our very best to ensure our product packaging do not create any adverse environmental impact.

Prevent cruelty on animals

We ensure that no animals are harmed at any point during our product development process. We even do thorough background checks on our suppliers to ensure even they comply with our No Cruelty to Animals policies.

Enable you to be the best YOU

Natural skincare is the beginning for us. We strive to help our customers grow in all aspects - physically, intellectually, socially as well as spiritually. We want our customers to develop perfect harmony between mind, body and soul for best skincare.