Who we are

We are a young, ambitious couple who constantly strives to improve ourselves physically and socially. In 2017, we struggled with hair and skin problems as a family. Our infant daughter started having skincare issues due to her extremely sensitive skin. Whatever infant skincare product we used, including the popular ones, would lead to unwanted skin problems for our daughter. At the same time, both of us individually had immense hair fall problems. We would keep rotating brands - popular, foreign, new age but we struggled to reduce our hair fall. We were just frustrated. We spent lot of time, money, effort - all because we cared about how we looked. Finally, we reached a point in December 2017, when we decided to take matters in our own hands - we decided to create our own skincare brand.

We did extensive research for months - read up on how skin care products are formulated, ordered samples of various brands, visited cosmetic and beauty industry fairs to meet people in the industry. During our research, we realized the power of natural ingredients to solve skincare problems. We also realized how harmful toxins in our everyday skincare products can be. For decades, millions of us have unknowingly used products rich in toxic chemicals on our face, body and hair. Even certain brands with 'Natural' or 'Herbal' or even 'Ayurvedic' labels provide us toxic chemical filled products and often not tell us about their full list of ingredients. There was a point back then, when during every visit to a supermarket, we would check the aisles for skincare products and we would only find toxin filled products in every shelf. We decided to be different. Our journey to start Kalon, a brand that is a reflection of our way of life as a couple, thus started, with a vision to enable people, who struggle with hair and skin problems, to be their best with natural and toxin-free skin care.

The Kalon Vision - Be the Best you can be with natural & toxin-free skincare

At Kalon, our vision is straightforward - help every person who engages with our brand to become the best version of themselves. We want to develop and introduce high-quality, natural and toxin-free skincare products to every one we engage with. At the same time, we aim to enlighten our customers about positive lifestyle changes they can make to improve holistically. We dream that at every interaction with our customers, we inspire them to change their lives for the better. Using our natural and toxin-free skin care solutions is just the beginning. We want to help our customers gradually transform themselves in every aspect - physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually.

Lead the Natural & Toxin-free movement

We want to eliminate all harmful toxins and chemicals from our daily skincare routines. For decades, we have consumed toxic-chemical laden products that have only served as short-term fixes for our skincare needs. Quietly, behind the scenes, these chemicals damage our skin, face, hair and body. To repair the damage, we use more of these toxic chemical based products, thus causing more skin and hair damage in the process. We want to break this wheel and introduce our customers to a world where skincare products contain only ingredients that are all natural or naturally derived, toxin-free and nourish our skin and hair. We hope that with our efforts, in the next few years, more and more consumers switch to natural and toxin-free skincare and make it the norm and not the exception.

Obsession with top-notch quality

We, at Kalon, are obsessed with quality of our products. We focus on minor details such as the scent, texture, after-use feel and likewise for each of our products. We spend years to perfect them. And the best part, we still believe we can improve them even more. We constantly listen to what our customers tell us, and use their feedback to make changes to our products. We also keep tab on the newest ingredients in the modern skincare industry and work hard to bring them to our customers in the form of exceptional products. For example, we have created a Honey Beard Wash, an industry first in the Men's Care segment. We saw the potential of honey as a conditioner and spent months to develop an effective beard wash with it.

Great lifestyle = Great skincare

We want our customers to be familiar with the idea that great skincare and great lifestyle go together. Our skincare issues, be it hair loss, acne, aging skin or dark circles can be attributed to various lifestyle factors such as bad diets, lack of exercise/sleep, stress and of course usage of chemical-laden skincare products. Holistic skincare requires that we also address these lifestyle factors that harm our mind, body and face - stress, bad health, bad foods, unhealthy environments and so on. Even making small yet incremental positive changes in our diet, health or mindset can lead to a compounded effect over time that will boosts our appearance, confidence and even life status. Therefore, we believe that the quest for great skincare is interlinked with the quest for self-improvement.

The Kalon Promise

Enabling our customers to switch to a skincare routine that uses top-notch quality, natural and toxin-free skincare products is just a small step in a series of steps our customers can take to transform themselves completely. With our products, blogs, emails, newsletters and social media interactions, we aim to help our customers make the right lifestyle choices for their skin, body and soul. There is a lot of information overload online and offline that often confuse people and lead them to making wrong choices. We intend to present actionable advice on skincare, lifestyle and other issues that can help our customers become better day by day. We truly believe we can enable our customers to be the best they can be.